<?php echo $row_rsContent['content_name']; ?>One of the best reasons to build a Hillcrest Custom home is the Custom Cabinetry.  Our customers often find the furniture-quality of the cabinets to be the highlight of their Hillcrest home.

From custom shelving and storage closets to bookcases and kitchen cabinets and other casework, we provide the finest quality workmanship for your new home.

Why Hillcrest?

  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Attention to Detail
  • Choice of Styles, Stains, Paints and Pulls
  • Real Wood and Wood Laminates
  • Hand-Wiped, Maintenance-Free Finishes
  • Custom Made to Your Specifications
  • Free Estimates and Design Service
  • Functional Beauty response time for any follow-up concerns.
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Space Saving Cabinetry for Every Room of Your Home

  • Plastic-lined Wood Sink Front Hideaways
  • Chef's pantry with Handy Pull-out Shelving
  • Wooden Range Hoods and Dishwasher Fronts
  • Built-In Microwave Cabinets
  • Small Appliance Garages
  • Swing-Up and Out Miner/Food Processor Shelves
  • Desk/Computer Centers
  • Built-in Bookcases, TV/Electronic Equipment Storage
  • Dining Room Hutches
  • Wine Racks, Stem Glass Holders, Plate Rails

Many Styles To Choose From

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Many other custom styles and colors available.
Contact Us with your ideas

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