Five Star Qualities


<?php echo $row_rsContent['content_name']; ?>After five decades, Hillcrest continues to give each customer the highest quality, energy efficient, well-designed home for the best price.  We incorporate all the latest features such as: whirlpool tubs, vaulted and cathedral ceilings, half-round windows and/or three stall garages.


All Hillcrest Homes are custom built using state approved quality materials, assembled by quality-minded craftsmen and experienced foremen, supervisors, managers and employees. Years of knowledge go into every Hillcrest Five Star Home.


<?php echo $row_rsContent['content_name']; ?>Hillcrest Homes has been in business at the same location for over five decades. The average Hillcrest home is built using the accumulated experience of 100 years. Our supervisors and foremen participate in continuing education in all phases of construction. Our subcontractors have years of experience and have earned an excellent reputation.


We take pride in five decades of stability and financial responsibility in building thousands of quality, five star homes. We support a Drug Free Workplace and observe OSHA safety standards. We work with federal, state and local government agencies to ensure safe and affordable housing.  We cooperate with and support all environmental impact programs.

Written Warranty

Hillcrest presents every Five Star Owner with a one and two year written warranty. Our company standard is a 24 hour response time for any follow-up concerns.

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